My formation
Since childhood, I have been engaged in drawing at an art school. Drawing allowed me to withdraw into myself and calm down, especially as an anxious child. Even now, at the age of 26, I understand the effectiveness of art therapy.

Though drawing wasn't the sole purpose of my life, art played a decisive role, prompting me to continue exploring and experimenting with various forms. As a teenager, I curated a Tumblr, saving movie stills, beautiful photos, and illustrations, which sparked my interest in design.

From design, my focus shifted to calligraphy for its aesthetic and meditative qualities. Completing several calligraphy courses, including Beijing Normal University in China, immersed me in the origins of this art form and provided solace during difficult periods in my life.
The first steps in business
My path to this product is a story worth telling. In 2017, inspired by the beautiful signatures of my favorite celebrities, I created the SignaturePro project. Initially, I freelanced, fulfilling client orders myself. As my client base grew, my part-time endeavor blossomed into a real business. I then sought out calligraphers with skills matching mine to serve our expanding clientele.

It's been a long and challenging journey. My goal was to create the best service for detail-oriented individuals like myself. And I'm proud to say it's been partially realized.

Our work has served 20,000 clients, including many prominent CEOs, actors, and artists. We've been featured in several media outlets and even became DocuSign partners, a fact that fills me with immense pride. I continue to create signatures for clients who specifically request my work.

My business exemplifies how creativity, when combined with skilled management (thanks to my partners!), can find success through proper shaping and positioning.
A new stage
SignaturePro attracts company executives and leading specialists because it offers a unique escape from their everyday routines. While creativity might not be their top priority, they value the chance to break free from the constant pressure of business metrics, reports, and daily issues. The creative process inherent in SignaturePro allows them to de-stress and take their minds off these burdens. Through client interactions, I've heard common concerns:
"I feel anxious all the time, even if I don't have deadlines"
"It's so hard to concentrate these days"
"Time seems to fly by unnoticed"
These client concerns sparked my desire to create something that goes beyond practical benefits, something with a soothing and therapeutic effect. This handwriting course has been a long-held dream of mine. Earlier attempts lacked the clarity and purpose I envisioned, perhaps because I hadn't yet gained the invaluable experience I have today. In 2023, I began serious development, recognizing the handwriting course as the logical next step for SignaturePro.

I understand not everyone needs calligraphy, but I want to offer those unfamiliar with it a chance to experience the power of art in their lives. Contrary to modern trends of AI, fast content, and simplified forms that devalue handwritten communication, I believe there's a yearning for slowing down and reconnecting with ourselves. Calligraphy, with its therapeutic qualities, helped me navigate life's challenges, fostered self-love, and fueled the realization of many dreams. In today's fast-paced world, the need for this course has never been greater.
Creating a course
Among my close friends, I was fortunate to find partners who wanted to implement this product with me – Brandon Wallace and Alex Colman (special thanks to them!). I acted as the expert in the field of calligraphy, and they made an invaluable contribution to simplifying the form for someone who isn't particularly creative and has never explored their creative side.
According to our idea, lessons should take place synchronously with the student so they don't feel alone and can always see on screen that I'm doing the same thing as them – writing with them, meditating with them, relaxing with them, warming up with them. This promotes a deeper relaxation and motivates them not to postpone learning, but to go through it with me, as with a classmate at a desk at school.

In the last lesson, we will write a Love-Hate Letter together. This is the most useful practice for consolidating all our work that requires an emotional outburst. Everyone should write such a letter in their life because it's a highly effective, proven practice of psychoanalysis. I will also write it with the student for the first time, absolutely sincerely, without prior preparation; I'll put my soul into it.

We shot the course with 6 professional cameras to ensure a variety of angles and provide the student with beautiful shots of the writing process. We also paid close attention to the sound.
Alex Colman acted as director and editor. The inspiration for the frame was the film "Paterson" (2016, Jim Jarmusch). The shooting lasted for several weeks, and in the end, we achieved the perfect result.
Brandon Wallace acted as our musician-composer. Together, we chose jazz as the musical accompaniment for the course. The calm stages of the course are accompanied by light piano parts, and the most emotional ones are aided by rhythmic drums inspired by the film "Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)" (2014, Alejandro González Iñárritu).
The result exceeded all our expectations! You can watch the trailer:
First and foremost, we have created a product for people who struggle with anxiety and stress. The course will help them calm down and spend quality time with themselves. Beautiful handwriting is a pleasant gift that will stay with them forever. Our course offers you a break, allows you to relax and immerse yourself in warm, soothing sounds with the familiar voice of your instructor (me) guiding you. We will help you relieve stress and find a sense of inner peace. Enjoy.
Zen Pen
Zen Pen Master
Lesson 1. Hand Ease Exercises
Practice mindful writing to clear your mind and improve your penmanship
Master your emotions & penmanship in one
Lesson 2. Letter Formation
Lesson 3. Letter Connections
Lesson 4. Lowercase Letters
Lesson 5. Capital Letters
Lesson 6. Whole Words
Lesson 7. Love-Hate Letter
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Lesson 1. Hand Ease Exercises
Lesson 2. Letter Formation
Lesson 3. Letter Connections
Lesson 4. Lowercase Letters
Lesson 5. Capital Letters
Lesson 6. Whole Words
Lesson 7. Love-Hate Letter
Bonus #1. Emotions On Paper
Bonus #2. Love In Cursive
Bonus #3. Numbers
Bonus #4. Wim Hof Breathing
You can pay with PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay, Visa, Mastercard, Discover Network, and American Express
Intro. The Basics of Writing
Intro. The Basics of Writing
Experience a unique sense of relaxation and tranquility, and as a bonus, improve your handwriting – a valuable skill that's becoming increasingly rare these days
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Unlimited access
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